Friday, May 18, 2012

End of the Day

He stepped over to me and grabbed my hips.

                “Comere,” he said slurring the words into one.  He pulled me close and kissed me.  His breath smelled of old beer and tasted of stale cigarettes.  His beard was rough and scratchy.  “I want something.”

                “Yeah?  What makes you think you can have anything.”

                “I’ve been waiting all day.”

                We’d been to this point before.  Part game.  Part dare.  I turned and stepped away.

                “Not so quick”, he said, as his hand slapped at my ass.  “I told you I want something.”

                I took another step and he grabbed my waist and pushed me to the stairs.  He slid my panties down and I heard his zipper.  His cock was between my cheeks.

                My knees rubbed against the cheap rough and scratchy carpet as he thrust into me.

                I was glad that he wanted something.

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