Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year’s Rant

I attended the Baptist wedding of a co-worker yesterday.  It was the longest thirty seven minutes of my life.  The worst part was the fact that it is okay for the ideas of submission to your husband; allowing him to run the home, discipline the children, and the wife to be the helper and prayer mate in the relationship.  On one hand, I’m glad that they found one another because obviously they are both getting the relationship that they desire.  But from a feminist point of view, I was nauseated at times.

Some criticize the religions and regimes of Asia and the Middle East for subjugating woman and rendering them powerless.  Rape and brutality and murder are allowed and ignored.  What I witnessed yesterday was not the same, but it was, I believe, on the same continuum of what happens elsewhere.

The people I saw yesterday are the same that forbid women the right of choice and contraception.  They are the ones that think women have roles as helpers and not leaders.  They are the ones that support the agendas of the extreme right of our country that want a morality that is the vision of narrow minded men.

I wish my co-worker well in her marriage, and I was dishonest when I congratulated them.  I really wish that she was more open to equality in her life and marriage.

I promise, my next post will be more of my usual.