Wednesday, April 24, 2013

College Stereotypes

1) Have you ever been sexiled? (To be sexiled is to be denied the use of your room, usually dorm room, because someone is having sex there.)

One night during my freshman year I returned back at the dorm and found my roommate in bed with her date.  I initially turned to leave, and then stayed and watched them instead.  If I came back and found her in bed, I just watched them

2) Were you ever hit on (propositioned) by someone in your circle of friends who knew you were in a relationship with someone else?


3) Did you ever date someone for sex only, i.e. in hopes of a 1-night stand?

There was a hot guy in a literature class that I asked to a party with the sole goal of getting fucked that night.  It took a lot of suggestion and liquor (he was a little more strait laced than I thought) but I had my way with him that night.

4) Were you ever involved in a regrettable sexual incident where alcohol or drugs were involved?

See 3 above.   The sex wasn’t as good as I had hoped, and then I had to see him for the rest of the semester.

5) Did you ever see a porn movie in an actual movie theater? Did you ever see porn on home movie (8mm) before the age of videotape?

One weekend at college one of the student groups had a weekend porn film festival with the classics like “Deep Throat” and “Debbie Does Dallas” and “Behind the Green Door”.  It was mostly guys, well virtually all guys.  Then our sorority house showed up and we had a great time.  If I had gone alone, it would have been weird.  Or if I had gone with a guy.  But as a girls’ night out, it was fun.  That was before everyone had fake boobs and shaved pussys and they just looked like normal people.

6) Did you ever discuss the prowess of a sex partner with a friend? Did the friend also have a history with the same person?

Girls talk.  But in generalities and not specifics. 

Bonus: Many heterosexuals ‘experiment’ in college by having their first same-sex encounter? If you are heterosexual did you have your first same-sex sexual experience in college? Did you like it? What did you do? Are you hetero-flexible or did you become bisexual?

One of my college roommates was interested in me and we kissed and fondled but never went too much further than that.